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The 'We Knead to Bake' project 2013 - Herby Cheesy Pull apart bread

I had promised a carbo loaded treat in the midst of sensible healthy food, hadn't I?? As delicious as it was making these 3  treats featured today, no, I did not over indulge on them. One portion of each flavor leaving the rest to my 7 year old and my husband, who were quite happy polishing the the rest. To get back to the What, why , who etc.. of this project.. It is the brainchild of Aparna Balasubramanian , the author of the blog 'My Diverse Kitchen' . Her fabulous recipes are matched only by her photographs which give meaning to the term 'Food Porn', because they have you salivating over the keys & trying to take a swipe at her gorgeous culinary presentations. This is a group culinary with a bunch of blogging buddies getting together and giving vent to their individual culinary visions on a single monthly theme. The Theme for January : Herby Cheesy pull apart bread. Pull apart bread , once you actively start looking for them, seem to come in al

Quick healthy fix for a crazy week - Wintermelon & mung bean stew

. T  It takes a really steely resolve to keep with a strict regimen when you're down with a combined case of the flu and a cold. The best that one can do under these circumstances is try to stay hydrated and fill up on soups and light stews. When half a ton of stress is added (by way of the little ones falling sick, its time to put any regimen up on a shelf, it can begin to grate on you and the last thing you need is to start resenting a resolution). Tales of my Carb-loading kitchen capers will be posted on the 24th of the month.. stay tuned! In the mean time, here is a sneak peek! When it comes to favorites in the vegetable kingdom, I'd rank the white fleshed winter melon up there at the top. there is something about its crisp yet yielding texture with the explosion of pure liquid when you bite into a well cooked cube. Winter melon is traditionally cooked with a coconut cumin and red chile paste which provide the bulk of its calories. a healthy and hearty al

New Years resolution.. Pushing the line!!

 NO, I am absolutely NOT breaking  my resolution, just pushing the line. One of the most essential aspects to a good, healthy dietary balance is to  never deprive oneself outright of any thing that you are particularly fond of. One of the hardest things to gain control over in a diet is not fats, not proteins, its  Carbohydrate . While on my last weight watchers session, I realized that passing up a pack of potato chips was no big deal, but resisting that third slice of toasted bread or an extra ladle of plain rice (and I'm taking the fifth amendment  on specifying the size of the spoon used for the rice!) meant overcoming that little voice inside that gently goads you on to 'go ahead its just one little slice / spoon more'.  t was entirely by chance that I happened to tune into Dr. Richard  Lustig's interview on NPR a couple of days ago that completely validated my own personal observations. Getting healthy is not about  skipping a meal, or salving away on t

Feasting my way to weight loss - A New Years resolution

I made a promise that I would reward myself with a complete break from posting after my daily marathon of A Dish a Day in 2012 and believed that  it was wonderful not having to constantly think about a new dish to post on January 1st 2013. Or so I thought. As much as I relished the welcome break of not touching my camera for seven days, The withdrawal symptoms drove me batty. It was hard stopping myself from going nuts at the grocery store and restraining my arms from picking each & everything that was remotely interesting. I made a compromise with myself that this year, I would resolutely focus on dishes that were healthy, delicious and came with the nutritive values attached. I've been hooked on to fresh green garbanzos for a while now and never miss an opportunity to pick up some whenever I spot them. The texture is poles apart compared to the dried version (even the green dried ones). These are closer to edamame (fresh green soy beans)  in terms of their silky creamy m