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All green Cranberry bean curry

I find Cranberry beans showing at my local grocers around this time of the year, although I have no idea how fresh produce like this turns up during winter (or maybe I do, but my greed for anything so green over rides my concern about the carbon footprint it leaves being transported from  where ever on earth it originally grew), its always a treat to use these gorgeous crunchy little beans in lieu of soaking dried beans and cooking them for hours to an end (or even worse, open up a can). Call it a prelude to spring! For a change instead of mechanically reaching out for the spices in the pantry, I opted for the all fresh, green ingredient route (all except for the turmeric, used for a bit of color).  Although I could have shopped around for the fresh roots, it was not exactly feasible, given I wanted to have this for lunch in an hours time. It can be quite exciting to make something with all fresh ingredients even if you are constantly stopping yourself from reachin

The 'We Knead to Bake' project 2013 : Classic Croissants

Its that time of the month again... the 24th day of each month when a batch of us food bloggers from the world over have pledged to pay homage to Carb-Devi , the goddess of all things delicious of starchy origin. This month, Aparna threw what seemed to be a sly curve ball at the lot of us, by listing Croissants as the bread to bake, and sure enough that feeble voice squeaking out warnings about butter & more 'Buttah' was quickly suppressed, tied down with culinary twine and dispatched to the 25th of the month! As Scarlett would say, "Tomorrow is another day!" Yes, the prospect of making these is intimidating, it takes 3 days to prep the dough, roll out & bake, and then about 30 minutes to scarf them down. They are so wispy, light and flaky and if there is one thing I learnt from this experience, it has ruined me for store bought croissants. One batch make about 16 good sized pastries and given that the quality of the ingredients used is unde