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critiquing the food critic...part 2

This is a review of a Mumbai restaurant that appeared in today's NY times. I'm reposting the Times of India review from last week for your comparison, & tell me if India's premier newspaper isn't wasting their money employing their current critic. Publish Post

critiquing the food critic...

One of the most disappointing aspects of the  food scene in India is the SORE lack of decent food critics. The job description of a  food critic (even a cartoon one like Anton Ego from the Disney/ Pixar  movie 'Ratatouille') includes having to sample a variety of dishes offered at  the selected restaurant, and explain to the rest of us reading his/her review, about what makes a particular dish special  (positively or negatively), in terms of visual appeal, taste, texture and the combination of flavors. It is not about which socially fashionable joint was paid a visit and the list of what you ordered and whether you liked it or not. Most of our Indian food critics forget that its all about the food & NOT about them. Listed below are links to two restaurant reviews, published on the same day in two prominent & well respected newspapers.  Independent of which restaurants are being reviewed, I'd like to point out the emphasis of the main subject, viz, the food, in t