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The 'We Knead to Bake Project' 2013 - Torcettini di St. Vincent

I've always dreaded the third time I undertake any project, there usually seems to be a jinx associated after that.. 3 weeks of working out in the gym, or following a dietary regimen, three baking tasks etc. . the 'We knead to bake project was no exception. Even as  I took it lightly that the 24th of the month was some ways of, BAM!.. it crept up before I knew it and I had no cookies to show for it. Of course there was no way I was going to let a bad case of the common cold let me miss this session, so better late than never, Here is the recipe that Aparna Balasubramanian picked out for April - Torcettini di St. Vincent. So what is a Torcettini? Its believed that the cookie originated as a variation of the classic Italian breadstick, the Grissini. A baker in Valle d'Aosta had some leftover butter that he decided to incorporate into  his last batch of dough,shaped it into a twist, and rolled it in sugar to differentiate it from the regular bread sticks &am

Good wishes for 'Vishu' - Happy New Year!

The second week of April generally marks the New Year in many Indian communities. Baisakhi (Punjab), Rongali Bihu (Assam ) , Ugadi (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka), Gudi Padwa (Maharashtra) , Varsha Pirappu & Vishu in Tamil Nadu and Kerala respectively. The week marks the passage of the Sun into the constellation Aries, and as with all other Indian festivals its marked by plenty of food as religious offerings. There is one particular tradition that makes Vishu an annual event to remember. Its referred to as the 'Vishu Kani' . The Lady of the house has a cornucopia of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and dals along with money and jewelry arrange in a beautiful 'Uruli' (An artisanal cooking pot made with a bell metal alloy).In the centre of the dish is a mirror and large Lamps are lit. Children are led to the prayer room where the Kani is arranged and are asked to open their eyes to view themselves in the mirror. The belief is that it is auspicious to open ones eyes to

Food Bloggers against Hunger - Thriving 3 ways on 4.00$ a day

'Anna daata Sukhi Bhava' (May the person who supplies food, live well & prosper) - This is a blessing in sanskrit that is uttered at the end of every meal. It thanks not only the creator, but also the individuals who helped create a satisfying meal that enables others to thrive, the farmer who nurtured the crops, the grocer who made it accessible and the chef who cooked the ingredients into an unforgettable meal. Hunger extends beyond culture, class race and species. Food is one of the four 'F's that every creature on earth is neurologically programmed by evolution & nature to seek in order to survive (the others being Fight, Flight and the 'F' word that describes the path to reproduction).  For those of us fortunate enough to go grocery shopping at the drop of a hat , especially those of us who live in the US of A ( 'oh, no, I'm running short of Plugra butter or Olive oil of a XYZ terroir' ). We've almost forgotten that ev