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Recap time - Austin TX, at the BlogHer Food 2013 conference

(Image Credit: Anu Rao) Where do I begin? How do I begin? I had been waiting to attend the BlogHer Network 's Food Conference for almost a year, booked  my tickets and hotel over 3 months ahead. (I was hoping to trim down to a svelte shape as well, but that didn't happen). And before I knew it, I was on a flight BACK from Austin, TX, giddy with the memories and thanking my stars for meeting so many food blogger and making new friends.  The work: I was one of the select group of volunteers who had signed up to live blog for some of the informative discussion panels that are at the heart of the intellectual aspect of BlogHer conferences. This posse was 'rounded' up and organized by the bubbly & vivacious Tonya Sanders who is known in blogging circles as The Chatty Momma .   I was one of those fortunate ones who got to live blog for three sessions and the topics assigned to me, all I can say is that I couldn't have picked better sessions on my own

Validations, and a recipe for Berbere flavored Peas Pulao

  I've often been asked why I chose  into food blogging with a niche idea of redesigning and tweaking Indian dishes instead of plunging full fledged into classic recipes that I had grown up with. I had serendipitous stumble upon the best possible answer I'll probably ever get, thanks to Chef Marcus Samuelsson's new memoir 'Yes Chef'. There was one paragraph that practically leaped out of the book searing itself into my mind : "  Who lied? Who started the lie that France had the greatest food in the world? That question ran through my head every time I bit into something new and that changed my notions of what “good food” is. Then that question was replaced by a second: Who’s going to make the people realize that food dismissed as “ethnic” by the fine-dining world could be produced at the same level as their sacred bouillabaisses and veloutes" - Marcus Samuelsson, Yes, Chef! I could not ask for a better validation beyond this paragraph. In time, I&