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The 'We Knead to Bake' Project # 28 - Maritozzi con la Panna ( Sweet Yeasted Roman Cream buns)

You know that a collective project is a success when you lose track of the number of bakes you've done, and yet when the name pops up, you seem to know exactly what went into that particular confection and (as is usually the case with me) what quirky tweak I incorporated. This month,  +Aparna Balasubramanian  's choice was a traditional Roman bun known as Maritozzi, based on a suggestion I gave her. I spotted this recipe on  +Food52  last month as part of a series on regional Italian food . I've been a fan of Emiko Davies' recipes on Food52 ever since I signed up to test  her recipe for grape jam dumplings  - Celli Ripieni - for a community pick. Her articles are a fabulous introduction to the simple home fare from various regions of Italy. When you see the recipe on Food52, the first thing you realize from Emiko's head notes is the number of tweaks and variations that this recipe can weather and still remain a robust and delicious. Well, Emiko's

Merry Berries - Strawberry Kumquat Jam with cloves

As far as I can remember, I've never picked strawberries in June. The berry picking usually starts and finishes well within the month of May. In fact, I remember picking Asparagus and Strawberries in the  same session last year, and those berries were the stragglers towards the last of the season, tiny, & tart. I'm chalking it to global climate change!