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'Prasaadams & piping bags - reinventing the 'ammini kozhakattai' (Modak) & my first Video short!

This is officially 'Modak' week in India (the week in question actually stretches out for 10 day's but who's counting?) The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha, that happy, cheerful elephant-headed god of good luck and fortune. Its such an entrenched part of the Indian culture (especially in western and South India) that it may be hard to believe that this magnitude of celebration and devotion goes back only to the last century. What was once a single day festival celebrated in the privacy of individual homes was redefined as a public display of devotion and community as a way of allowing freedom fighters to mingle freely without arousing the suspicion of the British officials. I had blogged about the main 'prasad' (offering ) two years ago, with recipes included and I don't plan to repeat those in this post. but one of the three recipes there underwent a serious Panfusine change. The last part about the tiny amm